Help Can I order a product that is not in the Product offer? Yes. In the event that the product is not in our offer, please contact our sales department. Inquiries should be sent to Could you please load the file for me to print? There is no such possibility. We do not load the files for the client. Could you give the file for me for the implementation? There is no such possibility. What is the waiting time for a price quotation for the products outside the offer? The response time is less than 1 business day. What is the minimum size that can be printed? A6Flyers (105x148mm) and 90x50 mm business cards. Can you scale the file to such format as in the order? There is no such possibility. Why are prints covered with foil? The foil protects the print from wear and enhances their beauty. There is a matte or glossy foil. What is a selective UV varnish? Selective varnish is a coating applied to work only on selected items. The area covered with varnish is high-glossed. On what paper do I order a print? The selection of parameters depends on the client. Paper type selection is limited and optimized for particular works Do you perform graphic designs? We do not perform graphic designs. Is it possible to transfer to only pages containing errors to be improved after the rejection of a large file with multiple pages publication (e.g. with a catalogue)? When working on large files, we prefer to send their corrections on separate pages. What is bleed? Printing Bleed - print area that extends beyond the edge of the target publication format. Bleed ensures that the print area after cutting to final format will be coming to the edge of the sheet. The preferred bleed size is 3 mm. What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - a server that allows to transfer files between remote computers using the FTP protocol. Files from the Customers are downloaded on this server. What is the Digital Proof? Proof is calibrated preview print for the Customer, printed on special paper, colour consistent with the print from the offset machine. Proof is to check the colour before printing, during printing, or to present it to the Customer for approval. Do you print ozalids? Yes, but on special request. How do you send proofs to the Customer? Proofs are sent by courier. Is proof sending paid? Sending costs are added to the proof price. Do you perform content correctness? We do not perform content correctness. What is CMYK? CMYK – the set of four basic inks colour commonly used in colour printing in the printing and related methods (inks, toners and other colouring materials in computer printers, copiers, etc.). The set of these colours is said to be the process colours or trichromatic colours. CMYK is also one of the colours in computer graphics.Letters refer to the following colours:C - CyanM - MagentaY - Yellow,K - Black.What does colour of 4/4, 4/1, 4/0 mean?4/4, 4/1, 4/0 is a print colour (number 4 means CMYK). Printing 4/4 - double-sided printing in full colour. Printing 4/1 – double-sided printing, full colour on one side, on the other only K colour (black). Printing 4/0 single sided print, in full colour. Can I receive files from the previous order from you? There is no such possibility. Do not store data sent by the customers. What is the completion time of the order? Completion date is calculated from the date of acceptance of the work.The terms of the order are listed on a page in a separate tab. What technique do you use for printing? We use offset technique using the CTP system (Computer to Plate), and digital technique. What are the working hours and contact details of the Printing House,? The Printing House works from 6:00 am on Monday to 22.00 on Friday.Office in the sales department from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00Phone: 022 614 17 67


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